A Young Man Recently Left Mzansi Off Guard After Revealing His Weight Loss. See Before & After

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A Young Man Recently Left Mzansi Off Gut After Revealing His Weight Loss. See In Pictures

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A Man lost weight after struggling to live with weight gain. It has been proven by many people that living with over size or plus-size us not healthy. A Man who was at about 95kg recently left mzansi speechless after he decided to lost 81kg weight.

The young man took it to social media to brag about his achievements he has accomplished so far in his life. With caption: "I fetched my body 95kg. 81kg."

Those who are skinny wish to have chubby body while the fat once wish to have skinny body. It never been easy to live with heavey weight. People who are fat are being discriminated each day. They are finding it hard to adjust to normal life. That's why each person wish to have easy body. The guy has revealed his strategy how he managed to lost weight in 6-8 months.

With caption: "My workout 🏋️‍♀️ plan

-cut fizzy drinks

-drink lots of water

-go green

-eat junk on weekends

-spinning class mon-Friday

-drink wine instead of beer

When it comes to diet he use simple methods such as green saladz n veggies , indoor cycling class approximately 45 minutes daily. Many of his commenter in social have been wondering to know how does he use the beard growth to shave after smearing it. He told them. Get beard growth from dischem ts R60 then shave everyday for a month or two it will grow.

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