International visitors to South Africa expect SADAC to respond to their requests within seven days.

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South Africa is long gone, and the situation on the ground does not look good for South Africans who want to reclaim their country. They must do more than they are currently doing. This country has been overrun by foreigners. Everyone you meet is fluent in a language you don't understand, and they're all so happy about it. They are unafraid of anyone, including law enforcement.

First and foremost, South Africans should bear the brunt of the blame for selling their country to foreign investors for a pittance of a dollar. They fail to consider the consequences their actions will have on their great-grandchildren. This problem stems from the fact that politicians have a lot of power, but they choose not to use it.

Truck and bus drivers are now believed to have formed a union and marched to the Union Building in South Africa, where they are demanding greater protection. If SADAC doesn't respond to them within a certain amount of time, they'll unleash a wave of violence. Fights will have to be fought, the people say. For the resources that should be reserved for the people of Cape Town, all Africans, except those from South Africa, must unite in the country and fight. And all of this is taking place in a country populated by individuals who regard themselves as leaders. If they continue to take their problems and make them other people's problems, this is how much freedom these people have in this country, and how much freedom they will never have in their own country, as long as they continue to do so.

This man in the video claims that his African brothers are in South Africa against their will. They were forced to come here because of their current situation. This is the only place they could go because their leaders are failing them. Those in charge are not up to the task. The Sassa grant, he claims, only exists in South Africa, where there are no hospitals. South Africa is the only place in the world where people can get medicine.

In order to prevent these people from gaining momentum and planning, mass deportation should take place as soon as possible. South Africans are actively working to avoid deportation, but they're also hatching a scheme. SADAC has seven days to respond to their latest request.


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