OPINION| The Zambian president telling his nation about the importance of the vaccine

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COVID-19 jabs give people unwaranted sense of security, there's need for African nations to unite against the descrimination shown by the western countries as if we didn't give them refugee when COVID-19 started in their countries. There's need to booster our economies and take charge of our raw materials which have been financing their economies. Our Zambian government needs to own a gold and emerald mine because wealth is empowering

Instead of talking about vaccines what are you doing to ensure it doesnt get here, why do we like to practice reactive medicine instead of preventive medicine? What are you doing about border control and strictness people coming into the country ? We can already see from the highly vaccinated countries how bad covid has them on their knees that the vaccine isnt the holy grail it was thought to be, so lets be serious and implement serious preventative measures. I'm going to leave this here, U.K is highly vaccinated 67% is vaccinated why are they blocking your entry if really the vaccine is the most preventative measure ?Lets quarantine screen, detect, isolate and treat the incoming people to prevent mass spread, the more they vaccinate in western countries the more they die of Covid and more often of the wide range of side effects, especially of the side effects, and we are just seeing the start of that, Zambian people deserve better

Sir prevention measures should be put in place, just talking of vaccines is not helping so far only 1% of the population is vaccinated this is not helping. Restrictions need to be put in place especially from countries where this wave is coming from. We really had hope that you would be in better position to control this. The minister of Health needs to get working, it is NOW that we need to control


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