15 Things That Have Been Killed By Modern Day Technology


Advancements in technology come in hops and leaps, meaning it doesn't take long for new gadgets to become ancient shortly after they reach their target market. That's why we're taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane, looking at some of the biggest, best, and most memorable gadgets from the last century that have been outdated, by modern technologies.

1. Face-to-face interaction

The fun of meeting and chatting with friends over the weekends has now been replaced with video chats and texting. People still argue that modern technology has made communication more efficient, but it has reduced the emotional aspect of it.

2. Sending postcards

At a time when we had no phones or emails, the feeling we felt after receiving greeting cards from someone special has now been replaced by ecards and emails.

Now technology is more popular, we often get greeting cards from others via email or Facebook. When the email was bombed with spam, probably the feeling of getting a hand letter was even more admirable. Unfortunately, this habit is almost lifeless in this era.

3. Surprise visits

In the past, when phones were not around, it was perfectly normal to visit a friend unannounced to hang out together. But now it is no longer delightful to visit unexpectedly, even if it is deemed awkward. But in today’s period of mobile phones, rarely will someone pay a visit to a friend without informing them first. Gate-crashing is no longer as fun as it used to be.

4. Reading newspaper

There was nothing more relaxing than waking up in the morning, sipping a cup of tea or coffee, and chucking through the pages of a crisp newspaper while sipping on a cup of coffee, or taking the newspaper with us to the toilet if we had some time to spare. Somehow, the e-ink displays we use to read about current events don’t provide us with the same pleasure. However electronic newspaper reading time is much more convenient. With a smart device connected to the network, you can reach all sources in the world with sound and striking images. Only thing, the feeling of pleasure to touch your hand in a paper that few people can understand.

5. Using hand-held maps

The innovation of GPS and smartphone-based map apps on smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become a plague of the humble printed map. While you tend to rely on your phone, make sure you one of these old maps portable for the arrival of ruin’s day, it was fun in the past when people had to buy a new map when there was an open road. But now, just an application update is done. Nevertheless, paper maps are still more useful in the case of research in remote areas.

6. Receiving telegrams

Receiving a telegram would make us all shiver because it always brings some important news. For good or terrible news, getting a text message on the smartphone does not arouse such emotion — unless you love using emojis.

7. Film photography

I miss those days! Do you remember those days when you had to anxiously wait for days on end to obtain the photographs you captured during an event not knowing how they’d turn out? Remember the days when you had to be bothered, looking ahead to obtaining photos taken during the holiday. Have you ever been anxious to arrange them in an album, write the date and location behind it? But in the era of digital photography today, we can see any photo just taken right after. This means there is no curiousness and excitement to look forward to photos.

8. Freedom to have fun unnoticed

The previous generation can occasionally go to a party, go off the deep end and do some wild things at the party. But apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have taken away that freedom. Now anything we do or say can become viral in almost no time at all on social networks.

9. Enjoying concerts

Today’s concert-goers hardly enjoy the concert because they are busy trying to record it on their phones. Using mobile phones for photo-taking and video-making has become a normal thing and can be very upsetting to those who wish to enjoy a live event.

Great shows and events are going unappreciated because we are busy trying to record instead of paying attention, and having fun. When you attend a concert today, you will be shocked by the number of smartphones and tablets that will be up in the air, the aim is to record videos that are then uploaded to social media, possibly to prove a point. Can’t people leave concert filming to professional camera operators who have better equipment?

10. Expecting a child

In the past, when an ultrasound machine was not available, guessing the gender of an unborn baby used to be a fun game. Parents even decided two names before giving birth; one if the baby would be a boy and the other if the baby would be a girl. But now only 3 months is enough to know the sex of the fetus. This is also more beneficial because it helps parents have better preparation for the child. However, the feeling of surprise no longer exists, thanks to ultrasonography that made this game obsolete.

11. Sharing music CDs

The sharing of music CDs and cassettes is common before iPods and related devices bombarded the market. Right now, songs may seldomly get shared over the internet, but the sharing of iPods is an abnormality.

12. Kids kite flying

Kite flying used to be a fun thing for children to do in the past, and it was a popular folk game in the 90s. If you see anything resembling a kite in the air these days, there’s a big chance it’s just a smartphone fastened to a selfie stick. I miss the old good days!

13. Letter writing

Letter writing was one of the best ways to note down your feelings, imaginations, and emotions on a piece of paper. If you wanted to communicate with a friend, you had to write her a letter or trying to win the heart of someone, and it would take a few days before he or she responds.

14. Cassette tapes

Cassette tapes were lifesavers when you wanted to create your customized mixtapes. Though they were not only about the music but the process of putting music together. They are the early manifestation of digital playlists. I miss the part where one would ensure all the tapes are labeled before packing them in a drawer or inside a box underneath one's bed. But today, you won't see so many cassette tapes because they are outdated.

15. Photo albums

Photo albums are on the verge of extinction because most young families do not see their value. But a few decades ago, photo albums were cherished because they helped us to go through old photographs as we felt the texture of each photo. It was fulfilling going through old pictures and trying to recall the story behind each photo. What technology has done is made cameras available almost everywhere. Before the smartphone era, photographs meant important business, and in most cases, they needed one to practice a pose. People were affectionate with their print photos because they were mostly countable as the film was limited and needed to be used wisely. Today, people have 120GB of phones that can store more than 4,000 photos. While it may look like a good thing, the outcomes are terrible and will be felt a decade or more from now.

What are the fun things that have disappeared, due to the emergence of advanced technology, and what experience do you predict would be a thing of the past thanks to the rapid technological advancements we see every day?

Let us know what it is you miss the most!

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