Think You Can Play Football? Meet 11-year-old Nigerian Who Broke World Record No Footballer Could


From freestyling to balancing with 'mad' ball control skills, meet Amazing Kid Eche, who broke Guinness World Record November 2019.

Being the youngest Nigerian to hold such prestigious award, Samuel Eche broke the world record for the most consecutive football touches while supporting another ball on his head for a minute.

Samuel, who currently plays football for Sporting FC Club hails from Warri, Delta State. Samuel touched the ball for 111 (One Hundred and Eleven) times before his time elapsed, securing a space for himself in the next Guinness World Record publication.

Samuel Eche was just ten years old at the time of the report, and his fantastic football skills, aside from his exceptional jogging abilities, make him a 'talk of the town' everywhere he goes.

In a BBC Africa coverage, Samuel told the reporters that his dream is to play for the Super Eagles.

He has dedicated his Instagram page of over 14k followers to the promotion of his incredible talent, and some of his posts show that he's a loyal fan of Messi.

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