What Nana Owiti's Sister, Portia Said About Her Relationship With King Kaka.

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Nana Owiti's sister, Portia have sent her a message after she shared a picture of herself and husband, King Kaka on social media. The celebrity's sister made a post on her social media platforms sending a message to her Nana. Portia shared a picture of her sister and the famous rapper on her page. On the caption section, Portia told Nana that she is giving her too much pressure because of her perfect relationship with King Kaka.

Being that Portia and her elder sister Nana have a close relationship, Portia told Nana that she is giving her a lot of pressure because she has to live by her standard. She went ahead and stated that her sister has set the bar too high for her. This is following a picture showing King Kaka and Nana with matching outfits.

Portia shared the picture of her sister and Kaka on her Instagram stories then added a caption stating that the duo is giving her a lot of stress as she has to have a love life as perfect as sister's. Here is Portia's full post.

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