Learn From Me, I Always Return Home Whenever Am Sent To Police Station. Schwaznegger Brags


Is all about the trending news on social media as a celebrity went naked in front of her son. This issue have led to a lot in this country.

When the pictures went viral, many talked about it saying is not good and even she was summoned to some Queen mothers which they did their very best in disciplining her.

Many Ghanaians taught it was going to end there until it was sent to the law Court. Many people didn't take it that serious because they taught the court was going to fine her with some amount of money.

Sadly it wasn't so but rather the Court have sentenced her to ninety days imprisonment which came as a shock to many because many celebrities came out apologising on behalf of the poor girl since she also pleaded in tears for the court to forgive her.

Everyone knows that Poloo have issues with Afia Schuaznega but in this world there is a saying that even if your enemy dies it hurts in one way or the other. Afia has proven this wrong by jubilating since Pooloo's wahala.

This afternoon she made a video indicating that for her when you send her to police station, she shall return because she always does good things but not because she is special.

She knows she have no body infront and at the back of her so she always act with caution

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