Criminal Gang "Mungiki" Terrorising Residents In Kiambu, Kirinyaga And Laikipia Counties



The former criminal terror gang "Mungiki" is being reported to be back again and giving people sleepless nights. The group which is being spotted in Kirinyaga, Kiambu and Laikipia counties, is circumsising wemen forcefully.

This unlawful exercise has drawn the attention of authorities who have condemned the act citing it criminal and have promised to arrest anyone will be found guilty and prosecute them in the court of law accordingly.

Health officials have also discouraged the act saying that it poses many dangers to the women which include, over bleeding which can lead to death, complications during childbirth and other effects brought by germs that can lead to permanent damage of the female genital part.

A raid has been conducted to see those who are responsible in custody with residents being requested to produce any relevant information in regards to the matter that they may have to the nearest police station.


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