Good News to Parents and Students as CS Magoha Announces This Concerning the Reopening of Schools


The students in Kenya received some good news after it was reported that, the school calendar will not be changed as earlier anticipated. The Education Cabinet Secretary, Professor George Magoha said the school program will not be changed even with the COVID-19 restrictions that have been put in the country. He also said that the dates for the reopening will also remain as earlier stipulated before the new coronavirus restrictions.

He said that he is optimistic that the school calendar will not be changed, because the COVID-19 curve has started to flatten. He also said that he will not summon the Education committee yet. The Cabinet Secretary of Education said these words while inspecting the opening of KCSE exams on Monday morning in Kiambu County.

This is good news to the students and parents because it is like they will not have to stay at home for a longer period of time. This will also help them to finish their studies in time. It should also be remembered that, the students lost a lot of time in the year 2020 when he coronavirus pandemic first hit the country.

The students should therefore be ready and get prepared because they may reopen the schools as soon as possible. There were some fears that the reopening of the schools was going to be delayed, after the President locked down five counties. The coronavirus curve has however started to flatten and things may be well when it reaches the time for the reopening of the schools.