Kisii Governor Ongwae Alleges What A Gubernatorial Aspirant Did At Gusii Stadium Leading To Chaos

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Today Kisii county was the host of Raila Odinga's running mate Martha Karua and Mama Ida Odinga, the two arrived in the county today where they first opened a mother hospital and a gender based violence based rehabilitation center.

The two proceeded for several for a stop over at Kisii roundabout before Martha entered Gusii stadium to address women delegates, the rally was forced to an abrupt end before Martha Karua addressed the rally after a tear gas canister was thrown to the podium.

Kisii governor James Omariba Ongwae who was the host, has come out to apologize for the chaos that were witnessed. Ongwae has blamed one of the Kisii gubernatorial candidate who he has not mentioned, he says that the Gusii stadium was meant for only women and the aspirant brought young men who broke into the stadium leaving several injured, according to Ongwae, if the meeting had gone as planned, no chaos were to be reported.

For the tear gas explosion, Ongwae wants probe to be taken into the matter asking aspirants to seek their votes peacefully.

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