The Price Of Posho Mill Machine In Kenya

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Posho Mill business is one of the lucrative business an individual can start in any part of Kenya and get a good income daily. This is because many people depend on ugali as their staple food, ugali is made from maize flour which is obtained from maize seeds.

You can start a posho mill in any place here in Kenya be it in urban centers or in the local areas and you will still make good profits. When your want to start this business there are some factors that you must consider.

Open your posho mill in area where there is a lot of population and where many people are famers since will expose you to a goo number of customers in a day. You can also open your posho mill next to a maize store so that if a person buys maize from the maize store she will will come with the maize at your posho mill.

To Start this business you need roughly 100,000 shillings to 200,000 thousand shillings this will depend with the type of posho mill you want to buy, whether it is grade one posho mill or grade two posho mill. You will use some of this amount to build a room for your posho mill machine where you will be operating from, pay for business permit for your posho mill business.

These are some of the grade 2 posho mill and their cost. These posho mill produce grade 2 flour which is slightly similar to the one found in supermarkets.

3-4 bags per hour 10hp electrical combined posho mill with type b 1 Muthokoi Huller at 195,000 shillings.

3-4 bags per hour 10hp diesel combined posho mill with type b 1 Muthokoi Huller at 195,000 shillings.

The grade one posho mill cost roughly 57,000 shillings to 90, 000 shillings and this is the most common type of posh mill since it is affordable. With posho mill project you can make roughly between 500 shillings to 1,500 shillings daily.

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