Meet the marvels of mother nature at the Ondiri swamp

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The Ondiri wetland is a remarkable place where you experience nature at it's best

A remarkable 'quacking bog' that acts as a water source to the Kenyan capital. Ondiri swamp found in Kikuyu area, about 20km North West of Nairobi. The swamp is the undersource of Kikuyu springs that feeds the Nairobi river.It also acts as an extraction point for the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company.

The wetland is 2000 meters above sea level. The 'quaking bog' has a layer of living vegetation on top of another layer of peat. This makes a mat almost one metre thick that covers the water. Walking on the surface of the swamp causes it to move. Visitors always marvel at the sensation. Some are frightened because it feels like you are 'walking on a sinking ground'.

long tailed widow bird found at the courtesy.A make shift bridge to access the swamp photo courtesy.

Ondiri swamp is said to be the second deepest wetland in Africa, after another one in Doula Cameroon. It's Water is low in oxygen and fish fail to survive on it. But the water appears Crystal clear as it emerges to flow ,as the Kikuyu springs,under the southern bypass

There is a group Friends of the Ondiri wetland who protects and manages the wetland. They are also appealing to well wishers to help develop the wetland for ecotourism.

Visitors enjoying the fresh air and the scenic view of the wetland photo courtesy.

Their web site link is or you can call +254 207868132.

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