Blood Is Indeed Thicker Than Wine, Meet The Look Alike Brother Of Kwesi Arthur

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If there is anything people are obsessed with these days, it is definitely keeping tabs on their favourite celebrities online. People want to know every aspect of their favorite celebrity's life, including what they wear, eat, drink, do in the day, where they go, their relationships with other people and family, etc. The life of a celebrity is one that a lot of people dream of, and I believe some people would give anything up to become one.

Kwesi Arthur isn't any ordinary celebrity in Ghana. He is one of the most talented young rappers in Ghana and he is love by Ghanaians and foreigners across the globe. Recently, a photo popped up online in which he happened to be spending quality time with his brother. The amazing thing between the two was their striking resemblance. You could literally see Kwesi Arthur in his brother, whose instagram handle is "dayonthetrack". Apparently, Arthur's brother is also a music artist and a 'beat-maker'. The beautiful thing about this brotherhood is their mutual support for each other's career. They mutually post each other's videos and arts on their social media pages to support one another. Isn't this a beautiful thing? Kindly check out some of their pictures below;

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