Ghana FA President trashes SAFA without holding back

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The Ghanaian Football Association president is not happy with the decision of the South African football Association (SAFA) for taking their chances to protest against the Senegal referee who officiated their deciding match.

The man believes that the South African side was poor in terms of game play, he feels they did well through out the match and they were deserving the positive results in their side. The man added that the South African side was lucky in that match as Ghana created many chances to score more goals, but they only managed one. His side was dominating the group and they deserved to go to the second round.

He also added that they were suppose to get more than one penalty on that match and they are prepared to fight for themselves up until they win the case.

The Ghanaian feels like they were attached as they feel like SAFA downgrades their soccer.

SAFA was not happy with the officiating decisions they got from the match.


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