Avoid These Foods if You are Pregnant and You Don't Want to Lose Your Baby Through Miscarriage


Every pregnant woman has a dream of giving birth to healthy bouncy baby. It's advisable to take caution on the kind of food you eat while you are pregnant, this is to avoid complications like miscarriages.

Below are some of the foods that a pregnant woman should avoid.

Animal liver

Animal liver is rich in vitamin A which when consumed in excess is harmful to a pregnant woman and can cause miscarriage by promoting gradual accumulation of retinal which adversly affects baby's health. It is advisable for a pregnant woman to atleast take animal liver twice a month.


A pregnant woman should take pineapple in moderation this is because pineapple is filled with bromeliad compound which soften cervix and starts untimely labor contractions. It can also cause high amount of bleeding.


Consumption of caffeine by a pregnant woman is dangerous because caffeine affects cell growth and decrease placental blood flow which leads to adverse effect of fetal development.


Pawpaw contains compound papain which acts like laxatives hence triggers marked uterine contractions leading to early labor. It may also weaken vital membrane which support the fetus.

Raw dairy products

Raw dairy products such as milk,cheese etc contain bacteria listeria which is harmful to a pregnant woman and the baby, and can cause pregnancy complications thus leading to miscarriage.

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