Fan begs Kate Henshaw for data after she advised her followers on giving


Beautiful, ever young Nigeria actress Kate Henshaw, also known Kate Henshaw-Nutall, should be filled with laughter after reviewing some of the comments from her recent tweet.

The actress who won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the movie"stronger than pain", decided to share with her thousands of followers some principle of giving.

The Thespian, from Cross River State post on her Twitter page, the statement below:

"If you can't give when you have one thousand Naira.....

You can't give when you have one million.....

After her tweet a fan tweeted back.

The statement can also be interpreted as;

Those who can't give when having little, will not give even when they have plenty.

Although some of her fans agree with the principle, some don't think, it is true.

Giving in all, should be from the heart, it is that urge or prompt you feel when you see someone in need.

She has not said hers what do you think about the statement??