Uzalo| Pastor Gwala gets a serious beating from his brother's employees

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The man was forced to get a serious message from his brother Sbonelo who hired his people to beat the man of God so that he can get away from him, because Gwala was starting to make a serious threat about finding out about person that was killed in this area in the past week which has caused a serious blow in Kwamashu.

But the message has been loud and clear from Sbonelo that his brother must stop interfering in his business because he might ruin things for him, and it has been a while since this man of God didn't spoke to his father but last night he managed to make a phone call to speak to him.

Will this be a wake-up call for Nkunzi who has been trying to put his family together and now he will be forced to protect another one?

Because Phillipe has made a serious threat against him last week.

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