TV3 Date Rush: Ex-girlfriend married another man whilst dating me – Augustine

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Episode 2 of Date Rush Season 6 remaining Augustine both dateless and nostalgic in the wake of relating how his ex deceived their adoration by wedding another person.

As indicated by Augustine, he came on the Date rush show to track down affection after his ex abandoned him. Augustine is a TV and Radio transmission engineer cum YouTuber who has experienced a hard catastrophe for his heart. In any case, he is prepared to give love one more take a stab at the Date rush show.

"We began dating way back in SHS when I was at Tarkwa. After SHS, I passed on Tarkwa to come and hustle in Accra. She came, we had a great time. I go to the workplace with her, I do everything with her. Following seven days, she returned to where she came from. Furthermore we used to chat on the telephone every constantly.

"For around three days, she quit getting my call. Furthermore I resembled, how? I had a go at calling her for about seven days, she won't ever get. So I enlightened my companion, and we chose to go to where she is to search for her."

His companion vouched for his story by uncovering how the woman's dad penniless the news when they contacted her home. Her dad informed them that his then-sweetheart had been affianced to another and is prospective hitched.

"Truth be told, I let completely go. I even fallen. What's more I spent with regards to seven days in the clinic. As may be obvious, I've become exceptionally lean. This isn't the manner by which I am. I'm actually experiencing the effect of how she treated me. In any case, I genuinely think that approaching on Date Rush will wipe away my tears. And afterward I will get the amazing chance to meet my soul mate."

Sadly, Augustine left the stage without a date. Dear Augustine, we want you to enjoy all life has to offer in finding love since everybody merits love.

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