'Miguna Miguna' and Wajackoyah Battle takes a New Look as Miguna raises Question on his Academics

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Miguna Miguna who is outside the country that is in Canada is usually active and ready to give his opinion without fearing anyone. Off late the in exile Kenyan lawyer has been differing with the roots and party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah Manifesto.

He says that the manifesto are not realistic as compared to the other candidates manifesto's. Yesterday Miguna Miguna raised allegations on Wajackoyah education.

This is what he said, "You claim to have 26 university degrees, mostly from the UK, and the majority of which are supposed to be "law degrees," yet a casual review of your statements, utterances and writing in English discloses syntax that is not related to the English Language. Please explain," twitted Miguna on his official twitter account.

Miguna Miguna has been supporting the deputy president Dr William Ruto Kenya kwanza Alliance coalition side claiming that it is the best alliance that Kenyans should vote for in the coming Aug general elections.

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