Sad, Another Accident Along Mombasa Road Mlolongo Near Mombasa Cement

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Accident incidents have been too much in the country. Many people have lost their lives on different roads almost daily.

As the construction of roads is ongoing, some accidents are reported to be caused by human errors like high speed, careless driving, and overtaking.

According to the source, it's a sad morning just on Mombasa Road, an accident has been reported. The accident involved a truck and a small personal vehicle near Mombasa cement at Mlolongo.

The Truck is said to be moving at high speed as the driver lost control of this hitting on another car. The police officers are at the scene as more investigations are ongoing. At the moment no fatalities or injuries have been reported but there is a doubt since the lorry in the picture overturned.

Let us all drive carefully at this rate the accidents are rampant and ensure that we follow all traffic rules.

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