This Youthful CAS Surprised Many Kenyans on How He Chose to Spend His Boxing Day

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Zack Kînûthia is the CAS-Education. This morning he posted oh his facebook page how he started his boxing day.

We are aware helding discussions may take even a day depending on the matters in the table. This surprised many Kenyans of how a youthful CAS would spend his holiday in such a way. Look at what he had posted on his facebook page today.

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Held discussions with the Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University this week, Prof Paul Wainaina about the State of the Learning, the Preparedness towards Reopening and the General Welfare of the Students.

We also delved on the matter of students, my Generation Youthfolk who have either been EXPELLED, SUSPENDED or in one way or another, DISCONTINUED their studies, and how a road map can be humanly developed to Restore their Hope to get back on track of life.

I reminisced with the Vice Chancellor, the days when we also served as Student Leaders, and how easily provocable we were, how the affinity to be unruly dominated and the love of dissidence we excluded. But over time, how life transformed us into compliance and the need to be tolerant and peaceable.

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We also talked about the Ventilator Innovation, which is a product of the Young Men in this University, and the progress made. This matter is at the heart of President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is marveled by these young men, and want to see them succeed beyond Kenya.

And please folks, go on with the opening of gifts today, if Boxing Day is what that translates to you, if not, make some gifts to your family, your friends or the underprivileged and send them to them.

But don't fight thinking Boxing Day is about punches as I did think many years ago.

Merry Christmased Boxing Day.

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