I Get Angry With Their Lip Services; Prove To Me That You Don't Take Bribe With Them-Johnnie Hughes.

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The issue of flooding is becoming one to many. Accra gets flooded whenever it rains for a few minutes. Speaking about the same issue on Johnnie Hughes's show, Johnnie's bite, he lambasted all assemblymen and women.

He said, " I get angry with the lip services that the assemblies make. It puts me off whenever you have assemblies telling you that people have built in waterways. What were you doing? Where you in slumber? It is your job to allow or disallow a building from springing up or otherwise. You have the capacity to go to court, within fourteen days, after you have written stop work, to go and get a court order to demolish whatever building there is".

"You sit or help some of your accomplices in collecting bribes from people and even supervise the work at night. Prove to me that I am telling lies. So that is where we are now; you are part of the problem."


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