14 Bad Habits That Shorten The Lifespan Of Your Car

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Regardless of the effort that goes into making a vehicle, proper and frequent maintenance is required.

1. Not Driving Your Car

You may have a hard time believing this, but leaving your car in the garage for a long time will lead to problems with your car. A car's battery dies and the gaskets dry up. This is why getting the car out once in a while is imperative. If you want to store the vehicle for an extended period, hook the battery to a charger.

2. Ignoring Unusual Noises

On this one, we should all lift our hands because even the best of us are guilty of doing it. On the dashboard, the irregular noises and signs are signals that something is wrong. As responsible owners, as soon as we notice these odd trends, we can take our car to a mechanic.

3. Inappropriate Parts

Often shady mechanics, or owners trying to save money, substitute inexpensive and inappropriate knock-off parts for parts and components. This will shorten your car's lifespan.

4. Servicing And Repairs

Maintaining low quality of service is another bad practice that car owners are guilty of. Timely maintenance improves long drives and guarantees smooth running. As the engine fails under extreme strain, avoiding the replacement or repair of a part will eventually cost you a lot.

5. The Car Running Without Fuel

The moment that the fuel light starts flashing, fill the fuel tank. A flickering fuel light is a warning that you urgently need to visit the gas station. One way to inflict immeasurable harm to the engine of your car is to disregard the warning and drive the car. Drivers make the mistake of driving the vehicle until the fuel tank is fully empty.

6. Not Checking The Levels

Checking the vehicle periodically would ensure that the engine and the other parts of the vehicle run smoothly. This is something that certain car owners avoid, since they are unaware that the system operates together with multiple components. Harm to one affects the others consequentially.

7. Acceleration

Car acceleration is something that with great care you need to do. Not only should you double check the road status, but you should also first ensure that the engine has been properly warmed up. It will suck the life out of your car if you accelerate hard while the engine is cold. In order to heat up, engines often take some time.

8. Hand On The Gear Shifter

People sometimes, accidentally, keep the gear shifter for long durations. When driving cars with manual transmission systems, this can be damaging. When driving a manual vehicle to keep away from issues in the transmission components, stop resting hands on the gear shifter.

9. Avoiding Washing Sessions

The exterior of the cars needs the same maintenance standards as the interior. Regularly cleaning the exterior will add some useful years to the lifespan of the vehicle. On the other hand, irregular car washing will affect the paint on your car and make it rusty, which can be hard to handle.

10. Rough Streets

When driving, some drivers are careless, not being aware of the state of the roads on which they drive their cars. Driving through potholes will cause damage to your car's suspension and even break its rims. Therefore, while driving your vehicle, you should avoid any potholes and rough areas.

11. Hard Footing

This is something we are both guilty of. We always put a heavy foot on the brakes, unknowingly, damaging the brake pads and the rotors mounted below. Consistent damage means that routine repair and replacement of the components will be requested. You should, therefore, stop putting extreme pressure on the brakes.

12. Bald Tires

The tires are a part of the car that, when driving on different terrains, is subject to violence. This implies that they need frequent replacement, which includes replacement for a tire that is bald or worn out. Ignoring the irregularity will severely increase gas consumption by affecting the performance of your engine.

13. Car Overloading

Not many drivers worry a lot about the weight that their cars bear. They continue, shoving the weight inside, impacting the car's durability. When the car is brand new, matters can get even worse. You are advised to take it very gently next time you shove bags inside the car.

14. Improper Tire Alignment

In the efficiency of the vehicle, tire alignment makes a big difference. Inappropriate alignment of the tire can lead to an imbalance that ultimately results in catastrophic road accidents. It also impacts the car's fuel economy. To prevent such mishaps, take the time to check the tire alignment periodically.

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