"I Can Not Demand For N7bn After Leaving N75bn In The Office", Ex Gov Peter Obi


Peter Obi the former Governor of Anambra State has slammed critics and debunked rumours claiming that he has gone back to request the sum of 7 billion naira from Governor Willi Obiano as compensation for his installation.

Peter Obi said that, he has never and can never do such a thing. The governor wondered how he could have left 75 billion naira for the governor and later turn around to ask him for 7 billion out of it.

"Since I left the office seven years ago, I have not received anything from the state government as gift or entitlement, not even a sachet water, not even a commendation letter. All the people I have helped to win election, I have not asked for anything in return, you can ask anybody".

Former governor therefore expressed his displeasure over the rumour that he could demand N7bn for putting a governor in office.

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