That Reaction When Someone Who Is Not In Your Level Is Trying To Talk To You And Other Memes

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When you hear someone open a bag of chips in your classroom.

When a non essential wants to speak to you.

Are you planning any surprises for my birthday?

Me when I'm opening myself up to someone.

When I get one star and I have 98%.

Me trying to figure out what day it is while on lockdown.

I'm just a little tired and stressed, I'll just drink this little cup of coffee and everything will be okay.

The real meaning of true friendship.

If your boyfriend dresses like this, he's probably a keeper.

The only reason we like some of your pictures is because we know you, they're not fine.

When your best friend hasn't tagged you in any memes all day.

What I think I look like when I'm asleep vs what I really look like.

When you think you make an awesome hulk but everyone thinks you're Shrek.

There are two types of girls.

You can't break the heart of a guy who want through this kind of struggle.

When you see dead clouds on the floor.

That awkward moment when you can't remember the spelling word and autocorrect refuses to intervene.

When she's asking you where you got her number but she posted it for sitting giveaway.

When you're serious, you meet a cheat and when you're ready to cheat, and you meet a serious person.

When a Nigerian dad says he love you at the end of a conversation.

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