A New World of Technology And Enterprenuership.


Enterprenuership is an organizational and management approach that enables a person to respond to changes and solve problems in which situation they may found themselves in.

The world is constantly changing, the current system is slowly being replaced with advanced technology through the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes especially in industries. Major industries are known to be found in urban centers where the resources required to operate them are available and affordable. This includes; electricity , water, infrastructure and skilled manpower. Nonetheless the increase in technology is changing the narrative.

Technology has led to an increase in enterprenuership through the development of small businesses that are privately owned, this has created employment for many people who could have been rendered jobless. It also contributes to the country economical growth.

Revolution brought by technology is evident and a proof the future will definitely be ruled with Innovative inventions. Tasks from various fields that previously required heavy workforce can now be done with machines. The cost has also reduce as less personnel are required to operate in the firm.

A combination of enterprenuership and technology brings a new aspect of life which eventually affects the way individuals communicate learn and think, enterprenuers can now locate and install their business entity's anywhere possible because of technology. Proffesionals in enterprenuership have found technology very embracing as it has helped them in making their work easier. Lawyers, doctors , dentists and engineers depend on present day technology to run their daily activities.

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