Video: Slay Queen Sets Social Media Ablaze As She Removes Her Panties And Replace Them In A Video


Slay queens are normally seen exposing some parts of their bodies. Similar one has been found in a new video. But this time around. The slay queen removed her panties and replaced them with new ones.

Sister Derby, the slay queen in question has set social media ablaze in a video. The video is in a gif mode so it comes with different videos showing her in different panties from the previous ones.

The video also comes with an audible sound that makes it a lot of fun to watch. Her actions have really set social media ablaze as it causes a lot of reactions.

Sister Derby's video has really set social media ablaze as people reacted to it in the comments area.

The video surfaced on social media this morning and has been a mind blowing one to so social media users.

Below is the video in which she sets social media ablaze by removing and changing her panties.