Ways To Nurse A Hangover

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Ni sherehe na haitaki hasira. But after drinking too much alcohol, a nasty hangover awaits you.

The following ways are proven to help nurse the hangover in the following ways:

1. Have another drink the next morning (kutoa lock).

2. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

3. Eat healthy and heavy breakfast, they are good for hangovers.

4. Get plenty of sleep even during the day.

5. Take pain killers or over the counter drugs which may reduce the headache.

6. Avoid anything that is noise, it increases the headache.

7. Stay outdoors or bask in the morning sun.

8. Don't drink too much alcohol inorder to reduce the hangover.

9. Avoid stress.

These are ways to stop a nasty hangover from getting on your way. When you're working, during working hours, try those steps.

Those are the ways to nurse a hangover, follow me for more of these.

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