Look what is taking place inside Amakhosi Camp

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Source: https://twitter.com/KaizerChiefs/status/1486261365140598787?t=yZtJSfL8YYiIS_ZzShTwGg&s=19


Every club is trying by all means to get ready to resume with Dstv premiership league fully prepared and so Amakhosi is.

There has been some rumours that Kaizer Chiefs might reshuffle their squad soon and the source has told that the club will start by international players. Players like Samir Nurkovic, Lazarus Khambole and Akumu Agay.

Although the Serbian striker Nurkovic has been absent from the club ever since the season had commenced, it was reported by coach Zwane that he is ready to come back with the club.

Lazarus Khambole has about two season with Amakhosi but he has been failing to do his duty as a striker that he was signed for. He only played 5 minutes this season with only one goal, with only two goals ever since he has joined Amakhosi. That's the reason why the club can't keep him anymore.

What do you think the club should do to boost the squad?

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