Meet Kenyan Man Minting Millions In UK By Selling Illegal 'Muratina' Brew


A Kenyan man is earning big from an illegal traditional Kikuyu brew in Kenya in the UK.

According Kenyans. co. ke, The Kikuyu Man King'ori Wambaki has spent over 27 years in the country after he went there as a student and later shifted to working.

The brew that he has branded as "Muratelia" goes for £10 to £25 whether sold on the counter in the restaurants or retails.

Talking to, he disclosed that he uses the available ingredients in the UK since he has not been able to access them from Kenya.

Wambaki who hails from Othaya in Nyeri County further disclosed that the business earns him more than he can even earn while employed.

According to Wambaka, he incorporates his business to modeling to market his products even though he does not get a lot of competition.

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