Discouraging News To Those Who Want Kangogo Arrested As The Following Details Emerge


Operation to find Kangogo either dead or alive is currently at the peak. This happens as we count a full week since when she committed her first murder in Nakuru. The various investigative units deployed to trace her are trying their best to utilize any available information that will help in finding her.

However, something discouraging is circulating alleging that while certain things groups of officers are thirsting for her blood, Kangogo is suspected to be enjoying protection from the officers in the syndicate she belongs to. This comes after what is claimed that DCI never takes such a long time to arrest such criminals.

The two people she murdered are allegedly said to have been murdered in a deal that went wrong with her. Kangogo is said to have been among the group that used to protect politicians and businessmen in the vast rift valley. She is also linked with extortions and robberies.

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