CIC Julius Malema Gushed : 'This Is What People should Know About The Relationship I Have With Zumas


Malema: Do I want an 80-year-old in jail? Hell no! Do I want Zuma arrested? Yes, what form of the arrest? House arrest. Malema has his ways of proving people wrong. Julius Malema learned a lot from Jacob Zuma and people lack to understand that. So now he can't run away from the old man, Jacob Zuma taught many people in politics.

Now the history behind Malema and the former president no one can know because it's the only them who knows themselves. Zuma to Malema he's like a father and a role model. Earlier this month people assumed Julius Malema goes with the wind, they say he goes where the wind goes.

Malema will never be shaken in his theological in politics because he got it from mature people who were ahead of him. However, he lacks one thing, and if he can't get advice in a friendly way he can learn it In a harder way. "Lack of Manners and Communication Skills kicks him, once he can Master all this he'll go far with his career and get blessings from the elderly.

For you to have a bigger picture about Zuma family and the son of the soil CIC Julius Malema just grasp to the video that went on viral shared by Duduzile Zuma wishing EFF a blessed day on their anniversary, she said the heartfelt message that was direct to the EFF and Malema especially.



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