Uthando Nesthembu| Musa Mseleku reveals that he wants his 20 years old son to a polygamy marriage

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Musa Mseleku wants his legacy to carry on

Sources: https://twitter.com/Mzansimagic/status/1466472230842474504?t=QB57ILpSWDU-ef6Oef5L8Q&s=19

Sources: Mzansi Magic Twitter page

Musa Mseleku reveals that he wants his older son who is only 20 years old to also have polygamy marriage as well. He stated this after confirming with his second wife MaYeni that they need to pay for the damages since their son is expecting a first child with his girlfriend. MaYeni seems to disagree with his husband as she says that their son is still young to pay for Lobola. Musa Mseleku also added by saying that he does not want his bloodline to grow up in the streets.

Musa Mseleku is definitely serious about making sure that his children carry on with his legacy of having polygamy marriage it's part of their tradition now. He often sits down with them and explain to them about how polygamy marriage works. He also says that his children should not marry a girl who has already have a child by another man. There is definitely nothing wrong to what he says about polygamy marriage if that is how he wants his children to live, Musa Mseleku is a proud man about his family and the way he supports them it is really amazing.

I have to disagree with Musa Mseleku on wanting his 20 years old son to get married at his age. His second wife is right by saying that he is too young for that stage, they should wait for him to grow up a little. People make mistakes all the time, what if his relationship does not work out with his girlfriend and he already paid Lobola for her. Musa Mseleku has all the money can buy, but i think he should let his son to enjoy his youthful life and learn from his mistakes as he grows.

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