Jalongo’s Advertisement Skills Which Have Left Kenyans Talking


Felix Odiwour commonly known as Jalang'o has left his fans wowing his advertisement skills once again. The popular comedian was with Prince Inda planning for a Lou festival. In which looked like a conversation, Prince started the scripted advert which seemed to be a story from nowhere.

“Heavy J (Jalango) can we have a Lou festival,’’ Prince started. In a story which Felix Odiwour did not take at first, complaining about the ongoing corona virus pandemic saying COVID-19 is bad disease.

Prince Inda showed Jalang'o how the festival can be held and at the same time uphold COVID-19 regulations especially on social distance. Inda suggested that all guests will come with their cars to the festival. The musician did not disclose if people will enter into the Carnivore club or it will be an open festival where people will get to dance on their cars. If you are a car enthusiast, you might need to hang around the area to see some posh vehicles coming to the festival.https://www.facebook.com/1083309455013986/posts/4360127183998847/?d=n

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