She owes me money - DJ Sbu responds to Zahara

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For a long time, the Zahara-DJ Sbu feud will be remembered. Zahara has opened up about her strained relationship with DJ Sbu, her former manager. She claims he was unsupportive early in her career and that they haven't communicated in a long time. Zahra recently produced a video in which she describes how she was pitched by her former manager and song producer, TK Nciza, with tears in her eyes. Despite singing in front of large crowds and recording award-winning songs, Zahra alleges she only receives 15,000 rand each month from her management. During a podcast interview, she stated that she was paid very little.

Some observers have noticed that she has recently displayed anger toward those with whom she has previously disagreed. To keep her home, the Loliwe singer needs to raise R350,000 by a set date. On social media, some people have established a crowdfunding effort for her, which is being managed by BI Phakhati. Operation Save Zaharas' House is the name of the campaign to save Zaharas' home. DJ Sbu has denied exploiting Zahara during a radio show on his Massive Metro station. I didn't want to say anything, but I remained mute throughout and allowed myself to be judged. They are permitted in because they are our supporters. What's the matter? the Mofaya energy drink owner said.

Zahara, I apologize for how I treated you previously. "As friends, we need to make music together again." I wish you nothing but the best in life, and I adore you. When no one else could help you, I was there for you. People were critical of you, but I stood by your side. I was there for you during your difficulties, but I don't want to discuss it right now. Who was by your side in the hospital when you were admitted? Who was assisting you with your financial obligations?

I will be strong and help other people because that is the nature of Sbu. I strive to assist others by drawing them close to me and shining a light on them. I'm assisting with the achievement and financial compensation of many artists in the industry. We collaborated and made history, just like Zahara. I don't like it when she goes out and claims I owe her money. Zahara may owe Universal Music money, but she is completely unaware of it. Zahra was receiving half of the royalties, but the agreement said that the corporation should receive more."

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