7 Signs That A Lady Wants You


Women are emotional beings who act with gestures and language. Some women give their men symptoms, and as a man, you must have the experience of understanding to know what it means and what they are seeking to communicate with you. 


The Following Are 7 Signs That A Lady Wants You Badly:


1. Body language 

Most times, women use their body language to communicate the way they feel to a man. For instance, a girl who likes you will try her best to hold long eye contact with you. As a guy, you must be able to read her body language for you to understand the message she is trying to pass across. 


2. Her voice tone

 When a girl is in love with you deeply or when she wants you, her voice tone is a way to identify her feelings for you. She will often use a soft and sexy voice when you are in a conversation with her.

3. She may tell you that she misses you. 

Indirect confessions are a great sign that women use when they like you. When you hear a girl saying something like I miss those fun times we had, or I remember how sweet and funny you are, my dear, she wants you.


4.She might surprise you with a romantic message and some flowers. 


5. She might be the one to impersonate the guy and ask you out on a date. Sometimes she might give the guy clues that she wants to be taken out on a date by you.


6. Her reaction to you and her facial expression says a lot. 


Women seem to be shy when they are with a guy that they have feelings for. This is the reason why she may put on shy facial expressions.

7. Her level of concern could be quite high. 


When a girl is deeply in love with you, she will make you her main priority. She will be very concerned about everything related to you. She will also treat you with some love and care.

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