Woman in search of her nine months baby who went missing in January, netizens left in tears

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A lady identified as Dama Monari has left Facebook users in tears after sharing an emotional message concerning the departure of her baby.

According to her comment on Facebook, Dama explained that she is in tears since 30th January when her baby,Mayson Gifton who was then two months went missing. She explains that she had hlgone for supper one day. On coming back, she found her baby missing. She inquired from her sister's kids who explained that an unidentified woman came and took the baby away claiming she had sent her.Dama's comment and information concerning her lost sonMayson before missing

She adds that she has reported to many police stations and authorities but has never found the whereabouts of her son. She has never suspected anyone as she did not expect such might happen.

Netizens were left in tears on her touching story praying that one day she will get her son. Some however suspected that the woman who took the baby might be a person well known to her.

If you might have any information on a lost and found son, please report to any relevant authorities or police station to see if it might be . Hoping that Dama's happiness will be restored after getting her son. Feel free to leave a comment if you might know anything concerning the baby.

Let's be our brothers and sisters keeper. Let's save lives by reporting suspects. Thank you in advance.

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