The truth is finally out: The snake never gave Eve an apple in the Bible


The story about Adam, Eve and the snake is one of the stories in the bible every child knows. They are widely taught by all schools at the basic level even in Sunday Schools. Biblically, the story of Eve and the serpent reminds everyone of how the snake tricked Eve and made her to succumbed to its trick in eating the fruit of life.

According some account made by some great prophets and Bible philosophers, both Adam and Eve are sin against God by eating the fruit of life and that whilst the snake engaged Eve, Adam was standing right there but couldn't stop Eve from eating the fruit of life.

The story of Genesis 3, is often referred to as the story of the fall of humankind. All the enjoyable relationships that mankind was enjoying was disrupted including relationship with Jehovah.

In a picture fast moving on social media, it could be seen that someone is granting an interview with the snake and the answer the snake gave is quite interesting and funny. According to the snake, it never gave Eve Apple and even it doesn't like apples. So now who is misleading us, the snake or the bible.

Check out what ensued the two. This article is for entertainment purpose only but not the true fact about the snake and Eve

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