Amid Register Wars, Raila's Spokesperson Declares: "It Is Simple To Rig An Election If You Do This."

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By accusing the Kenya Kwanza Alliance of intending to rig the 2022 presidential general elections, Professor Makau Mutua has attacked the group.

The former professor of law at Buffalo University claims on Twitter that Kenya's kwanza principals are opposed to the use of manual registers because they are aware that using an automatic register makes it simpler to rig elections than using both.

"UDA claims it will only accept the use of the ELECTRONIC voter registration and rejects the use of the MANUAL register. Why? Because UDA KNOWS that by not allowing the use of the manual register to supplement the electronic one, it is simpler to rig an election. Both registers must be used! @IEBCKenya, "Makau Mutua wrote.

Using both registers will ensure a legitimate and fair election, the Azimio la Umoja alliance demanded in a letter sent through their legal team to the IEBC. If the IEBC intends to employ only the automatic register, they are good, according to Kenya Kwanza.

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