Aden Duale's 2020 Prophecy Which is Likely Set to Haunt Raila Odinga


Aden Duale is many things in one, to Garissa Township residents he is their MP, to Tanga Tanga brigade, he is a lieutenant and to the August house members, he is there immediate former Majority leader.

Duale is among the loyals who have stood with William Ruto in his thick and thin times and for this, he can be counted as Ruto's true friend. Aden was among those who opposed Raila Odinga's dramatic infiltration into Jubilee government bowels.

As pro-handshake brigade celebrated UhuRaila union, Duale saw the opposite. To him, Agwambo had blindly escorted himself to slaughterhouse and it was a matter of time before the butcher man's knife chopped his head of, how right was he?

Raila has been betrayed before, by Moi, Kibaki name them and according Duale's 2020 prophecy, Baba will be betrayed once more, by who? Jomo's son. How can that be when the two brothers are currently brisking in hay and shine?

Let it be remembered that Jomo and Jaramogi's sons were conjoined by BBI and since its future is bleak, that which bound them together is no more, so? chances are they will fall apart.

Results from recent by-elections have openly exposed Uhuru Kenyatta, there is a political shift even in his own yard, did he wrong by siding with Raila and sidelining Ruto? Maybe, maybe not.

If by reuniting with his deputy can redeem his image, then Jakom should brace himself for a betrayal and should this happen, Aden Duale's name will join the list of the country's top political prophets.