"Please Marry A Nigerian and Be Our In-Law, Tacha is Single" - Man begs Jack


The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has been urged to marry a Nigerian woman so that he can become an in-law to the country. Jack Dorsey who is 43 years old is single and has never been married, he was recently linked to Sports Model, Ravel Lyn Corneil who is 20 years younger than him but it did not go down well.

The American billionaire technology entrepreneur and philanthropist looks like someone whose main focus is on business and making money.

(Jack Dorsey)

Recall that the Nigerian government suspended Twitter operations in Nigeria and since then, Jack Dorsey has been making moves to negotiate with the Nigerian government and see the possibility of reaching an agreement.

He posted a Nigerian flag yesterday to celebrate the Democracy Day with Nigeria, later in the evening, he posted a Nigerian flag with a handshake and Bitcoin symbol.

Commenting under this, a Nigerian man by name Mistar Philz, begged the American Billionaire to marry from Nigeria so he can become an in-law. He told him that Tacha, Nigerian Influencer and former BBN housemate is single. See what he posted below.

Anita Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha is one of the most beautiful and promising female entrepreneurs in Nigeria. The 25 year old became popular shortly after her brief spell at the Big Brother Naija house in 2019, since then she has been making great achievements for herself.


Surely this young man must have been joking but then what if it becomes a reality? Do you think that Jack Dorsey and Tacha will look beautiful as a couple?

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