TSC CEO Dr Macharia Confirms New Policy in Mixed Schools That Will See Gender Considered in Headship


The Teachers employer has been in the forefront in promoting teachers across the country.However,these promotions have been majorly in the admistrative positions.The teachers who want to be school administrators have ripped big in promotions in the recent past.Currently,there are 15,000 teachers who recently concluded their interviews in the same positions.Hopefully,they will be in their new stations by 10th May when schools will be opened.

During the interviews,the Commision has ended up considering gender.The only setback is that majority of the female teachers had not been yearning for admistrative promotions.However,since TSC improved the pay for these school administrators,even the female teachers have been submitting their applications to try their luck in the promotions.

The teachers' employer normally has its policies that it follows to the latter.In employment of teachers,the Commision has always seen that girls schools have more female teachers than male teachers.The same applies to boys schools.As much as the administration of schools are concerned,TSC has now spoken of a new policy of ensuring that the mixed secondary schools have administrators of different gender.This means that the Commision is taking care of all the boys and girls in mixed schools.

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