Alex Caused Stir on Social Media after he designed this Mattress Holder, Check What it Has

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Date: 22/05/12


Alex Cause Stir On Social Media After He designed this mattress holder, Check What it has

Lots of people have great talents but some haven't realized their talents.

Today in South Africa unemployment rates are very high and they won't go down any time soon, so for a person to have an income lots of people are starting businesses with their talents while others are just selling what they bought.

Alex Caused a Stir on Twitter after he designed the very beautiful mattress holder, that doesn't go alone but also has drawers in it and you can also connect music through Bluetooth. People were very impressed and even wanted to buy it immediately. They were asking price and location.

This guy has good talent and he is making serious money with that. He also creates furniture and it is very very beautiful.

Here are some of the furniture he created.

Here are some of the comments:

What do you think about this??

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