Soldier Catches His Wife In Bed With Another Man But See What He Did Next (Video below)

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The wife of a soldier's trusted civilian confidant is discovered in the company of another man, and the news hits the soldier like a ton of bricks. Although the captured man tried to hide his emotions, the soldier's captor couldn't keep his emotions in check as he held the soldier for the first time. 

Among the most heartbreaking experiences imaginable is discovering your spouse has been unfaithful. When the heart is broken, some people go crazy, and others take their own lives. 

It's common knowledge that service members react with aggression and anger when tragedy strikes, but this service member was so shocked he couldn't muster an audible response.

This man was responsible for taking care of his wife, but he was often absent because he worked nights. 

He claims he got word from a neighbor that his wife was seeing someone in the 'hood but didn't believe it until he checked it out for himself.

The link to the video is posted below:

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