Bishop Oyedepo Releases Covenant Blessings For The Week

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A few days ago, I read the story of Esau and Jacob, and how Jacob stole Esau's birthrights and blessing. After Isaac blessed Jacob, I saw how his life changed. In fact, during the periods Laban tried to cheat him of his wages, God showed up for him with an idea that made him very wealthy. The key point to take away from this story is that the blessing is very important. You might see it as mere words, but those "mere words" can determine how you end up in life.

Bishop David Oyedepo has released his covenant blessings for the week. After he preached a message about the Spirit of Obedience, he began to speak words of blessings to his followers. He blessed their businesses, and spoke against any generational curses and diseases in the lives of anyone under the sound of his voice.

The Spirit of Obedience was one of the points in the message the Bishop preached on last Sunday. He talked about how the Spirit of Obedience will help you obey God even when it's not convenient for you. Look at Abraham for example; do you think it was easy for him to obey God by attempting to sacrifice his only son for whom he waited 25 years for?! He was clearly driven by a spirit.

What do you think of these words? Share your thoughts in the comments. Be blessed!

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