The 5 Laws Of Karma Explained Into Details:(See Pictures)


In this life whatever you do today is the thing that will decide your tomorrow. Yesterday is gone so it is history since it has effectively been utilized. Tomorrow is a secret since you know nothing about it so leave it to the secret solver (God). Yet, today is a blessing that is the reason it is called Present so use it carefully on the grounds that today alone can change your tomorrow.

Here are the shortlist of the 12 laws of Karma:

1. The Great Law :

This law is the beginning of humanity. Treat your fellow human being the way you want the universe to reward you. Pay a person evil and the universe on its own will reward you the way you deserve. If this law was put into action, man would have never planned evil against a relative.

2. The law of Creation :

You can't change your world whilst you are in your comfort zone. Blessings never locate the lazy unless action is taken. You need to work hard to achieve your goals in life.

3.The law of humility:

Creation takes a lot of time but destruction is very easy since it does not involve a lot of action but something complex. Your failure is a result of your actions, accept it and work towards a new dream.

4. The law of growth:

No matter how miserable your life is when you change your life, your destiny will also change since the past, the present and the future are all connected.

5. The law of responsibility:

No one can choose a life you must live so you should learn to accept responsibility for your actions. Never blame someone for your failure because your will to choose is in your hands.

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