Free Akuapem Polo, Ghanaians plead for she is innocent. Check people's comments that has proven love


People concern towards Akuapem Polo will wow you, checking people's comments on social media platforms has proven their love for the innocent single mother.

Witness people's feelings and empathize with them. One of the most difficult things about trying to comfort someone who’s hurting is feeling like you don’t know what to say. In hard times, you will get to know your loves ones. Akuapem Polo needs to be set free. Her son and fans needs her.

 Fortunately, most of the time people aren’t actually looking for you to offer specific advice or pearls of wisdom; the most comforting thing in the world isn’t an inspiring platitude, but feeling like someone else gets what you’re going through, and that you’re not alone in the world. The thing people want most when they’re hurting is for you to act as a sounding board and to show understanding and empathy.

Akuapem Polo take this as a challenge,. every challenges have solutions. And Ghanaians are supporting you with prayers for you to sail through this challenge.


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