Meet a University Lecturer with a plan to beat traffic.

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Meet Amanda Ngabirano an urban and regional planner lecturing at Makerere university in Uganda. Amanda has a degree in Bachelor of urban planning and master degree in urban and regional planning development.

Amanda regularly beats traffic in the city of seven hills, she rides her bicycle from her home to Makerere University where she is a lecturer. Amanda unhidden passion has actually earned her great names of that time, which she is proud of and that is "Madam Bicycle."

Amanda started a transport planning consultancy firm in 2010, which has since been involved in several sustainable transport planning project in Uganda. Amanda is also co-ordinating first formal bicycle sharing project at Makerere university. The project has helped more ladies and students acquire personal bicycle to make movement reliable.

Amanda Ngabirano is one of the few women who rides their bicycle in the busy street of Uganda capital and entire Africa. She believes African cities need to discover the potential of cycling in relation to providing faster short distance traveling in busy streets.

Amanda's daughter and son are both bicycle lovers like her, she is ambitious and would wish there were more opportunities for her brothers and sisters in Africa to cycle more in their cities and without any fear or stigma.

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