Opinion: The Chaotic Scenes From The By-election Have Demonstrated That BBI May Not Be The Solution


The stories of alleged massive voter bribery, police intimidation and violence threats in the by-elections currently being held is either someone testing waters or we are simply cooked because of small small elections it’s this chaotic. 2022 General will be even more volatile.

ODM through it's secretary general Edwin Sifuna are proving that BBI doesn't gurantee that there will be no post elections violence in the near future. Imagine it's only a constituency by election but the complains arising even before the winner is announced, there will be protests and riots.

Interior CS Fred Matiangi is running the State Department of Interior from outside the bounds of democratic civility which requires recognition that there can be truth and fairness on the other side. He has been accused of making a mockery of the system that tolerates him, forgetting that he too can be eaten.

ODM Party and UDA have faced it rough in Bonchari Constituency and ruriri wards respectively. They have accused harassment government marchineries. This brings conclusion of thing, the country is far from healing and BBI Referendum may not be the ultimate solution.

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