'My Job Does Not Include Beauty' Passaris Rebukes Fan's Claim That She is Using Beauty to Win Polls

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Nairobi woman representative Esther Muthoni Passaris, who is arguably one of the most scintillating beauties in the 12th parliament has expressed her disapproval to a Twitter user's opinion which suggested that she is leveraging on her intimidating beauty to get elected, and that the cycle may continue until her beauty fades.

"Esther Passaris will keep being elected Nairobi women rep till she runs out of BEAUTY." Joseph Juma claimed.

In her defence, Passaris expressed her interest in inner beauty which she says lasts a lifetime as opposed to external appearance which is subject to change.

She also maintained that her role as a woman representative entails representation, oversight and legislation hence her beauty is not part of the job description.

"Outer beauty fades. Inner beauty lasts a life time. I believe I have more of the inner than the outer. Having said that, the job description of the Women Rep does not include beauty. It’s about Representation, Legislation and Oversight. A Women Rep is also a Patron of @NGAAF_KE." Passaris said

Meanwhile, the 57 year old politician is bracing up for a political duel with UDA's Millicent Omanga as she seeks a second term under ODM party.

Prior to 2017, Passaris had in 2013 ran for member of parliament for women's representative for Nairobi County, on the Kenya National Congress political party ticket, but lost to Rachel Shebesh of Jubilee.

Local opinion polls by Infortrack have placed Passaris as the most popular candidate for the women representative seat.


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